Loviise Kapper

I’m Loviise and I’m a freelancing actress based in Tallinn, Estonia. I graduated acting and theatre from University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy in 2019. Before drama school  I danced in R.E.D. Studio for four years. I am often described as a chameleon because  I don’t have to change a lot in my appearance to look drastically different then usually.  See for yourself from my photos and showreel!

About Me

Date of Birth:  20.01.1996
Residents: Tallinn, Estonia
Height:  173 cm
Eye colour: Grenish Grey


Estonian — Native
English — Fluent
Russian — Basic
French — Basic


University of Tartu Viljandi Culture 
Academy Department of performing 
arts, curriculum of theatre arts.

2003 —2015
32nd Secondary School of Tallinn



2024 Estonian Film and Television Awards
         Best Actress in TV Series - "Susanna's Diaries" 


Dancing (ballet, modern, ballroom, Latin
American, show, jazz, folk), horseback
riding, yoga, acrobatics, sword fighting,
stage fighting, fencing, archery.
Driving (car class).

2 Day Meisner Technique Workshop by Nita Arpiainen

Stagefight: 3 Day Course by Juri Kormušin

R.E.D. Stuudio — show dance, folk, dance, stiletto dance, classical dance

Sport Club Marcus — gymnastics 

Experience in theatre


By birth I'm a mixture of two biggest islands in Estonia – Saaremaa and Hiiumaa. However I grew up sharing my time between the islands and Tallinn. So partly I grew up in a farm, where mornings started by going to the barn. We grew our own food on the fields and our days consisted of making folk costumes, from weaving the cloth to stitching pearl embroideries on the side pockets. And while living in the capital of Estonia, I spent 12 years doing what I liked the most – dancing.

I love to witness how theatre and film industries are developing to unimaginable heights. And as an actress I love to be part of it, because to me these industries are all about people getting together and cooperating.  I like finding myself outside of my comfort zone because one can never know where it might lead them. I never take stuff light-handedly – once started… then to the infinity and beyond (- Buzz Lightyear)! This is why I agreed on participating in my classmate’s practical schoolwork - making a musical and it led us to establishing the first (amateur) musical theatre of Estonia in 2013  – Estonian Youth Musical Theatre.

I started learning acting and theatre in 2015. Four years at University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy was exactly the rollercoaster that life should be – hand in hand with tragedy and comedy. Those two muses from Greek mythology led me through drama school, so I “christened” them into θαλιμἒνεἶ. I also learned the fact that absolutely everything is possible and learnable. Thus my slogan: “If there is no way, there is still a way”.

I have one more passion and that’s history. Which made me into a tour guide at the Old Town of Tallinn in my spare time. Giving tours is like performing stand-ups, it’s awesome!